Here as promised are my cake pics


Epic cake selfie

WP_20160313_007here are my musings at that moment ” Can I eat it yet? ” XD



Hullo guys and girls yesterday I made a ( very nice ) CAKE I will try to put a photo of it  might be hard because  I am new to Word Press I hope I can do it and by the way if any of yous are new to blogging then we could follow each other 😉 . Also I have a silly poem about cake ok here I go cakes are a wonderful thing cause the wonderful thing about cake is that cakes are a wonderful thing hahaha  XD XD leave a comment if you like

a spooky book review :0

Today I have just remembered a spooky story from the  Goosebumps series of books. Somehow it reminds me of a radio show called the twilight zone. The book is called My Hairiest Adventure and it is by R.L Stine, I don’t want to be a #spoiler 😉 but  I can say that book was  AMAZING and I recommend it to 9  and 10 year olds. Also it can be for people  who are geeks ( like me 😀 ) and for science fiction lovers ( also like me XD ) and DOG LOVERS ( YEAH DEFINITELY LIKE ME ). The story starts out with main character Larry being chased by dogs. He is trying to find his way to the band club which is held at his friend Lily’s house.  The end though has a creepy twist to it :0 :0 :0.